The Inside Information on Regression Therapy

Throughout history there have always been those who were out on the leading edge of thought, Jesus, Buddha, Teresa of Avila, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, just to name a few. These enlightened beings were pointing the way to what we are all striving for. Thanks to their influence and despite what often appears to be the contrary, consciousness is now expanding faster than ever. These insightful forerunners found what they were looking for, right there, inside of themselves and fortunately their contracts included sharing their knowing with anyone who would listen. We now have techniques and modalities that can assist with this experience of inner knowing and provide us with a broader perspective of ourselves…and the world around us. Regression Therapy is one of those modalities. I am honored to have helped so many experience Past Life Soul Regression and, or Between Lives Soul Regression. Below are a few of their comments…

“All I can say is WOW, what an epiphany this has been in my life. The regression explained a lot of why I am who I am. I was able to experience a previous moment of death and realize that there was no pain or fear, only beauty and light and a very ethereal feeling of lightness and connection to God. I learned many lessons from my past life regression, such as understanding who I am now, what my fears are and how to overcome those fears through compassion towards myself and others. Great session!” – GR, Ft. Collins, CO

“…I loved the space my mind was in for those few days after the session. The love was just pouring out of me…” – CS, Loveland, CO

“I am doing great since my past life regression. I have decided to start pursuing my music with more fervor. I am realizing that the most important thing is to be true to myself. I loved how relaxed the session was and how I didn’t feel pressured to feel or “see” anything in particular. Kristine was so great at giving me gentle guidance throughout the regression. I especially loved the notes she took through the session- they were so detailed and on-point. I hope Kristine continues to help people in the huge way that she is because she is making such a wonderful difference. I have already given her name and number to several friends and family. Thanks again Kristine, for the amazing experience!” – SG, Denver, CO

“I am more positive about life in general since the session. I have more confidence in the decisions I make now and am feeling more in control. I am working on being more open to others. Kristine was concerned and focused on getting me what I needed out of the session and yet she did not lead me or rush me through it.” – LR, Laramie, WY

“I view life from a different perspective now and find myself not judging people as I did before. The session all worked great for me and Kristine guided me well when my left brain got in the way” – SC, Loveland, CO

“I had a pretty powerful trip, My Past Life Regression addressed a lot of questions I had. I can now move forward, more rejuvenated and ready to take some risks again. Met with an old friend who I’d had a falling out with. We discussed many things and finally got back to where it used to be, but with new heads and ideas. Turns out she is working on her stuff too.” – CG, Los Angeles, CA

“I feel more calm, less temperamental and even more curious to learn more about myself and how to improve/grow as an individual I’m much more patient with my husband and toddler as well which was one of my main goals for the session. My Between Lives Regression has opened my mind more. I am more open to new perspectives and less judgmental of others.” – TS, Centennial, CO

“I got a glimpse at some of the root causes of how I became who I am. Somehow, I feel like I am less apprehensive in general and more in control now. I would definitely recommend experiencing a Past Life Regression to others. In fact, I’m looking forward to having Kristine guide me into a Between Lives Regression to explore more of why I’m here now.” – DG, Denver, CO

“I have started attracting healthier behavior from other people. I’ve been generally more at ease. I have also started to allow myself to think about ME more.” – KB, Aurora, CO

“There has been lots of positive shifts in my life since the session. My girlfriend and I have become more serious, which is great!” – DK, Broomfield, CO

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