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A lot of people have trouble understanding and/or believing the concept of past lives. It is an understandable way of thinking as most of us came into this reality under the “veil of forgetfulness” and each reality offers up different obstacles that can make us cynical or closed-off. But I believe it is important for individuals to at least be open to the idea, and in some cases "regression therapy" is necessary for a person to grow and gain perspective. This is why I have dedicated my life to past life healing.

Some of you might need a little nudge to believe. There is proof all around you if you know where to look for it. Before we become jaded by each reality we are young, fresh, innocent little souls reborn to start the life cycle all over again. There are many documented cases of children—who are by nature more open to believing and free from cynicism—who vividly remember their past lives. If you take just a moment to search around for these cases you’ll find fascinating and convincing articles that will at the very least leave you questioning your disbelief.

Some cases are more thoroughly documented than others, but all cases of children remembering past lives are equally powerful. Allow me to share with you some of the most interesting cases I have come across lately:

First of all, you can watch a video detailing one of the most captivating cases ever documented under the Past Life Soul Regression section of my website. You’ll hear the story of a young boy named James Leininger. Starting when he was just a toddler, James was extremely interested in and intimately familiar with WWII fighter planes; he also began waking up screaming about a plane crash and yelling that the little man couldn’t get out. It turns out that “little man” was him in his past life. As you’ll see in the video, after extensive research and visits with friends and family members from his past life it was all but confirmed that little James was indeed the reincarnation of WWII fighter pilot, James Huston.

An equally remarkable case revolves around a 4-year-old boy named Ryan who was passionately directing imaginary movies almost constantly. He began having nightmares and screaming about his heart exploding and when he started telling his mother that he thought he had been someone else before, she started doing research into past lives. He began telling her about his Hollywood mansion and his three sons whose names he could not remember—he became very distraught that he could not remember his son’s names. Much like in the case of young James, Ryan’s mother began researching furiously and in the end was able to track down important pieces from Ryan’s past life as Martin Martyn.

Beyond the well-documented cases like those I have shared above, there are also briefer stories that have been shared by the parents of children who have spoken of past lives. One mother reported that her three-year-old son had told her, “My old daddy was really mean. He stabbed me in the back and I died. But I really like my new daddy, he’d never do that to me.” Another mother reports her son having told her over and over again between the ages of two and six all about how he had picked her to be his mother. He would tell her that he wanted to pick a mother that would help him accomplish his soul’s mission.

I’ve shared with you just a tiny sampling of the many compelling stories out there about children remembering their past lives. When you really start researching the evidence it gets harder to cling to your disbelief.  When you are ready to gain a larger perspective of yourself as you work toward enlightenment, please give me a call here at Harmony Healing Center. I would love nothing more than to be even just a small part of your life journey.

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