Meditation’s effect on Regression Therapy

Meditation’s effect on Regression Therapy?

I was recently asked, “How would you describe meditation?”

To me, meditation is about opening the gates to the intuition, higher thoughts and wisdom that we all have within. Our lives have developed to where w e have created blockages that separate us from those realms of higher thought and keep us submerged in this third dimensional reality where the the left brain (ego) is our domineering feature. Meditation can open those gates and move into those transcended states of mind where the right brain enables us to access our higher frequency thoughts, our intuition and our move evolved state of consciousness. Spending as little as 15 minutes a day in these higher levels of consciousness that we don’t normally have access to in our everyday state of consciousness, allows this wisdom and greater awareness to seep in and enables us to carry those higher vibrations throughout our day


I find that meditation helps my days to flow more effortlessly allowing me to find a good rhythm. I have less mind chatter and less inner critic dialog going on. I find I have access to inspired thought; thoughts that seem to come from a more expanded version of myself.

After years and years of practicing meditation I can do this fairly easily now. However, at first it was very difficult. The meditation practice used to be so frustrating because I went into thinking that the purpose of the meditation was to quiet the mind. I used to think that there was something wrong with me because my mind would NOT be quiet. And the more I tried to quiet the mind, the more it led me on a wild goose chase. I finally learned to go at it from a different angle. I realized that if I went into the meditation with the intention of simply training my mind to FOCUS it worked much better for me.

It turned out that by giving my mind a simple task to do…, over and over and over again, eventually a quiet mind became the byproduct of my meditation. It happened when I quit trying so hard. At first it was just for a moment and the next time it was a few seconds, then a minute or so……Finally, it feels like second nature, like coming home!

Over the years I have found that people who regularly practice meditation are more successful in their Past Life or Between lives Regression therapy session so I always ask those who don’t meditate to begin.

A simple meditation that I start people out with is counting the breaths. Sit in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed or you can do this lying down (if you can stay awake). Make sure your spine is erect (if sitting) and relaxed. (Use whatever props you need to support your body so you can relax) Count 4 breaths and then start over and count 3 breaths, start over and count 2 breaths, then one. Then start all over again with 4. Repeat this for 15-20 minutes a day.

But here is where it gets tricky. We expect the mind to be able to do this task easily. But the mind is like an unruly child, it does not know how to do this, and it does not want to do this. So what you find is after a half a round or maybe a whole round the mind jumps off and there is goes…..thinking about something it forgot to do yesterday or worrying about something it has to do tomorrow; it’s all over the place…and you might be out there for 5 minutes before you realize that you are not counting. This is where we get really frustrated and say things like…”I can’t do this” or “I am not any good at this” and we give up. But what I want you to know is that it DOES NOT MATTER how well you think the meditation is going…you will still benefit from the meditation. You will begin to see differences in your DAYS if you just keep doing it. If we can just lighten up on ourselves and try to find the humor in the fact that the mind cannot stay on task for very long, at least in the early stages, and make a commitment to doing it anyway…you WILL benefit from it.

Buddha taught “the middle way” which is a balance between seeking and surrender. In this context the seeking is the commitment to do the meditation and the surrender is letting go of the idea that it can’t be doing us any good if it a mess. So what if it’s a mess! Just let it be what it is and do it anyway and it will change your life.

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