The Many Benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy

One of the biggest philosophical questions that all of us ask is, “Who am I”.  For most the answer remains elusive because we can never truly understand who we are without first understanding where we came from. Knowing our past is the cornerstone to determining  who we are and to where we are going. past life healingOften as human beings we are faced with concerns, fears and anxieties that we don’t understand and are completely baffled when trying to determine their origins. It is then that we need guidance from those who can help us look deeper into ourselves. This is the role of the Regression Therapist. Regression Therapy – which can be useful in helping individuals understand and resolve a great many issues – can be a doorway to inner exploration and to past life healing. Its many benefits include:

Uncovering and addressing the cause of current issues: Often unresolved traumas from a past life resurface and become problems that effect our present lives. A regression therapist is someone who can help reveal, interpret and guide you on the path to uncovering and resolving these conflicts.

Heal the pain from past trauma: Whether we realize it or not actions that took place in a past life, can send shock waves into our present life effecting our current relationships and indeed, our general sense of well-being.  Regression therapists seek to take patients back to the place (and time) where that traumatic action was born – under safe conditions – so that its context can be properly understood.

Understand and resolve relationship problems: Often past life incidents can manifest themselves in current life problems that not only affect the patient but also affect the people around him or her. These behaviors can manifest themselves as anxiety, emotional eruptions and even depression.  Regression therapy adds context to these behaviors by exploring their origins in past lives. This can in turn help patients resolve issues in current life relationships.

Recognize old friends and soul mates: Past life regression therapy can help clients to find others in this current life that they may have had a connection to in a past life.

Other benefits of past life regression therapy can include rediscovering talents and abilities and to help overcome the fear of death in addition to gaining insight into difficult issues in current life.

One does not have to believe in re-incarnation or even an afterlife in order to benefit from regression therapy. Ultimately what clients derive from a past life regression session depends on how much they are willing to put into it and of course the experience and guidance of their regression therapist.

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