A Brief History of Hypnotherapy

Through its use of guided relaxation and intense concentration in order to discover heightened states of awareness and delve into past lives, hypnosis is a field that has emerged from an obscure and often ridiculed practice to a field that has become deeply respected. Yet, it was not too long ago that only charlatans were believed to practice this misunderstood field. Although anmesmercient history is full of practices that resemble modern hypnosis – such as the practices of the Hindu Vedas – the modern day field of hypnosis has its more decisive developments in the 18th century. This occurred during the age of “Age of Reason.”

One of the pioneers in the field of hypnosis – and by extension hypnotherapy was a man named Franz Anton Mesmer. Mesmer was a German physician who also held an interest in astronomy. He sought to attach scientific study to this phenomenon which was then called “animal magnetism” (later called Mesmerism). (Mesmer believed that “animal magnetism” was transferred from healer to patient via a mysterious etheric fluid. This and his odd, ritualistic behavior would later discredit him.) His theories about how hypnotism worked were inaccurate but his contribution to the practice should not be overlooked.


In the 19th century James Braid – who many regard as the “Father of Hypnosis” – continued hypnosis on the path from ridicule to respectability by performing experiments and studies using the scientific method to convince the medical establish of hypnotherapy’s validity. (At the time people who sought to seriously study this phenomenon risked professional suicide.) For this reason, some regard him as the first “hypnotherapist.” Today there isn’t a regression therapist in Denver, or any place in the country for that matter, who does not owe a debt of gratitude to the works of Mesmer and Braid. Hypnosis plays a vital – and frankly indispensable role – in medicine and psychology today even though it still does have its detractors. It is a pathway that leads to the road of self-discovery and development in humans and is utilized in most fields of medicine. This pathway has guides in the person of regression therapists who can help patients seek clarity and understanding as they confront emotional and psychological challenges. Sometimes the origins of these issues span the length of time as well as place and circumstance.

At Harmony Soul Regression, past life healing in Denver is facilitated by guide Kristine Morton who is a Certified Regression Therapist and Licensed Massage Therapist.


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