How Some World Religions View Reincarnation

In order to reap the maximum benefits of age regression, past life soul regression, between lives soul regression and spiritual coaching, one does not have to adhere to any particular set of religious beliefs.  In fact, one does not even have to believe in reincarnation which is the very cornerstone of these therapies.  However, anyone who visits us and experiences past life healing in Denver should consider how ancient and venerated the principle of reincarnation is.  They should realize that many of the major religions of the world believe in this as one of their guiding principles.  Here are a few of the world religions and their view towards this phenomenon that offers hope for those who believe that life ends when the body ceases to function.

Christianity: The tenets of this major religion holds fast to the idea of one life and that when you die there is no return in another form.  For orthodox Christians there is butHinduism one Day of Judgment, and only a heavenly resurrection of the body for the righteous.  There is no resurrection of to a corporal form in the conventional sense.  However, it should be noted that many Christians still believe in the concept of reincarnation.

Hinduism:  Adherents to this religion believe that that the Jiva is intrinsically pure and that layers of I-ness and My-ness goes through transmigrations in the circle of birth and death.  Death is the end of the physical body but not its essence – the Jiva.

Buddhism:  Although some experts in comparative religious debate this, BuddhismBuddhist believe that after death a person is either reborn into another body or enters nirvana (the state of bliss followed by the liberation from the cycle of life and death).  The Buddha once said, “Life is a journey.  Death is a return to earth.”

Jainism:  The practioners of this lesser known form of Buddhism which founded was by Vardhamana Jnatiputra or Nataputta Mahavira (599-527 BC), are strong believers in reincarnation.  They also believe that the Jiva survives after physical death and that life is cyclic.

Sikhism:  The Sikhs believe that a person’s soul is reborn many times as either a human or an animal.  According to their sacred text, the body is just clothing for the soul and is discarded at death.

At Harmony Soul you can consult with a past life regression therapist in Denver who can help you understand the connection between present manifestations of past lives regardless of which religious beliefs you hold.  The most important thing to remember is that we are here to help you find answers that all of us seek.  We offer past life soul regression, between lives soul regression and spiritual coaching that can help you find your connection to the past.

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