Soul Mates and Past Life Regression

“Soul mates,” “Twin Souls,” “Perfect Partners” – Have you ever met someone with whom you felt an immediate and inexplicable connection?  More than that, have you ever met someone you felt you’d met before yet all of your personal experiences told you that this it was not possible?  Sometimes past soul regression therapy reveals the existence of this phenomenon.  Far from being just a cheesy pickup line, the idea of soul mates is well documented by most regression therapists and can be found in the teachings of well-known psychic Edgar Cayce.  Hkarmic soul matese believed that people who are currently in our lives may have been with us in other lives.  Moreover, Cayce believed that sometimes the relationships we shared with those individuals can be dissimilar to the relationships we share with them now.

The concept of soul mates is right in keeping with the ideas of re-incarnation.  Reincarnation, explains the idea of soul mates as bonded souls who are drawn to re-unite as couples again and again.  Moreover, people who believe in reincarnation think that all of these bonds ultimately serve in the development of each of our souls.  Soul mates allow for a wide range of possibilities when two people encounter each other again in this life.  However, this closeness bond isn’t always restricted to romantic relationships.  Sometimes the relationships individuals shared in past lives are positive but this is not always the case.  There are case studies showing that some of the relationships that were forged in another life were abusive or negative.  In either case, it is best to seek clarity and guidance when one encounters these strong feelings of déjà vu.

There are three types of soul mate:  Twin Flames, Companion Soul Mates and Karmic Souls.  Twin Flames are mirrors of who we are.  According to Greek Mythology humans were originally comprised of two heads, four arms, etc.  Eventually, this union was broken and formed two individuals.  Companion Soul Mates are soul mates who, at some point, have made an agreement with us to help us learn lessons in this lifetime.  Again, this relationship need not display itself as romantic in nature.  Finally, Karmic Souls – as the name implies – are souls that come back together after several life times to work through specific issues.

At Harmony Soul Regression we often help clients gain greater clarity about their current relationships by helping them to understand their connection with souls from previous lives.  We can provide you with a regression therapist in Denver who can help add context to current relationships and help you to resolve feelings that may be confusing or even disquieting.

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