Between Lives Soul Regression

The fact that the subject of between lives soul regression has become increasingly popular as a therapeutic device is sort of a mixed blessing.  On one hand more and more lay people are learning about how this phenomenon can help them with their spiritual and emotional growth and well being.  On the other hand, people who are untrained in this phenomenon can sometimes distort this very complicated subject.  The movies in particular sometimes take a subject that is difficult and over simplifies it for the sake of dramatic license.  Here are some movies that address the topic of between lives soul regression and reincarnation with varying degrees of success.  Some are very thoughtfully handled while others are more entertainment than fact.

  • On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970): M8DONAC EC004Starring Barbara Streisand, this movie is about a woman who uses hypnosis to stop her smoking but instead discovers that she is the re-incarnation of a 19th-century seductress named Lady Melinda Winifred.
  • Patton (1970): It is a well known fact that General George S. Patton believed himself to have been reincarnated from several military leaders of the past.  Patton is known to have once said, “Through a glass and darkly, the age old strife I see where I fought in many guises, many names but always me.”
  • Chances Are (1989): This comedy starring Cybill Sheperd, Robert Downey Jr. and Mary Stuart Masterson, deals with a man who is the reincarnation of one of the character’s father.  Naturally, this character – played by Masterson – falls in non-platonic love with him.
  • Heart and Souls (1993): Starring Charles Grodin, Alfre Woodard, Kyra Sedgwick and Tom Sizemore the movie involves four people who die and later become the ghost/guardians of a child born at the moment of their deaths.
    Patton 1
  • Yesterday’s Children (2000): This movie starring Jane Seymour is an adaptation of a book by Jenny Cockell entitled “Across Time and Death: A Mother’s Search for Her Past Life Children.”  This movie shows how emotional issues can transcend time if not properly acknowledged and eventually resolved.
  • Cloud Atlas (2012): This movie starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry is a lesson about deep love and kindred souls.

Yes, Hollywood will continue to try to handle the topic of past lives soul regression and re-incarnation as interest in the subject grows.  As with any phenomenon that reaches popular culture some of these treatments will be very well done and respectful towards their topic while others….


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