Past Life Dreams and Soul Regression

“The soul is not born; it does not die; it was not produced from anyone: Unborn, eternal, it is not slain, though the body is slain.” – Katha Upanishad

Mankind has long ago abandoned the notion that dreams are simply random images that run through our minds when we are asleep. Every reputable expert knows that they are much more than that. They are the divide between the conscious and the subconscious mind. They are the mind attempting to communicate some message to us on a variety of subjects. What we in the field of past life healing also know is that memories that occur to us in this state don’t always occur to us during our waking hours. Our minds are constantly on. Therefore information, memories and dreams that come to us in our non-waking hours is also of great significance in our lives. Indeed, some of the most vivid and meaningful past life recollections that people have are while they are sleep. But how does a person know if he/she has had a dream that may signify that he/she may have had a past life? A regression therapist is the person who can best help identify and interpret such dreams but signs that individuals can look for include:

Great historical detail: Most dreams are very general and the images that populate it are of objects and people that are familiar with your current life. Dreams that contain detailed events and places from other times may signify that you are experiencing memories of a past life while you are asleep.

Repeating and unchanging dreams: Past life dreams are most focused and less chaotic than regular dreams. Regular dreams occur to us in a non-linear fashion; past life dreams do not.

Imparts information outside of our learning: During the course of a past life dream, people can often display learning, talents, skills, and abilities that they have not acquired (e.g., surgery, a foreign language, etc). Occasionally, this information may even manifest itself during a person’s waking hours.

Lucid Dreaming and Past Lives

Have you ever had a dream where you were aware that you were dreaming? In that dream have you ever deliberately affected the outcome of the scenarios presented in it? That is a lucid dream. Lucid dreaming can be effective in helping to uncover a past life. Lucid dreaming and hypnosis are both an altered state of consciousness so it is entirely possible to lucid regress. Of course the best way to do so and to interpret such dreams is by consulting with a professional. She will be able to help you determine if your dreams may be connected to a past life and thus set you on the road to resolving a number of issues that may be causing you difficulties in this life. Kristine Morton can help you gain such clarity and is trained, licensed and fully certified in regression therapy.

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