Why We Don’t Always Remember Our Past Lives

It has often been said by people who believe in reincarnation and past lives, that there is no such thing as a “new soul.” Within each of us reside the memories and experiences of countless reincarnations of which only a tiny minority of people can access. The lives we’ve lived in the past can contain experiences and encounters that run the gambit from being uneventful and quite mundane to being quite traumatic. Therefore the question becomes – usually from non-believers – if life is eternal and we have lived before, how can we forget our past lives? As regression therapy experts whose job it is to help people discover the connection they have between each of these incarnations, we believe there are several reasons as to why only therapy can accomplish this.

  • Avoidance: One reason many people are not able to remember their past life experiences is that they feel the need to suppress in them negative memories from the past. Moreover, there is the belief in some people that the past should be the left in the past. However, believing this can have consequences in that past lives can have a way of asserting themselves into our present life and relationships whether we consciously acknowledge them or not.
  • Societal norms: Many people in Western Cultures are still not ready to accept the concept of past lives and reincarnation. This fact breeds a societal prejudice towards people who believe in this concept. This is slowly changing as psychiatrists and many other professionals are finding such therapy beneficial for their patients.
  • To protect our ego: Each “new” life provides an opportunity for us to form new relationships and experiences. The personality that is formed in your current life seeks to not be overwhelmed by your experiences from those of previous lives.
  • For our own sanity: Remembering every detail of every life would be overwhelming depending on the number of incarnations one has had. For example, would you want to remember every wrong, every tragedy that had occurred to you, your family or friends in past lives? Most likely you would not.

Finally, we at Harmony Soul Regression are all about clarity of mind and spirit. We believe clarity about past life experiences can give context to current life experiences and relationships. Past life regression therapy – such as the kind we practice at our harmony healing center – helps our clients become cognizant of past life experiences that can be at the root of current life stress, pain, blockage, phobias and other types of dysfunction. This is why guided therapy sessions are best for unearthing past life experiences so that we can help you deal with the results.

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