Is it time to fulfill your purpose?

Fulfilling One’s Purpose – Timing is Everything

Fulfilling one’s purpose can be nebulous and is often a moving target. It happens when the time is right and not before. Those who have a clear idea of what it is they want and a time frame goal attached to that idea may become deeply frustrated if they discover it is not happening as fast as they think it should. That is because the Universal timetables do not correspond with human timetables and for that reason it is not uncommon for people to feel that life is moving too fast or too slow. We make plans into the future only to find that IF they happen, it is odften when we feel the least in control and when we least expect.

Everyone fulfills their purpose when the time is right and the delays that disappoint may be laying the foundation for future accomplishments that cannot even be conceive of yet. Or, the Universe may have plans that differ from the worldly goals we have pursued up to this point. What seems to be a roadblock to our success may actually be preparing us for what is yet to come. The opposite is also true. At times we feel we are being pushed too fast and hard toward something we feel we are not prepared for causing us to unwittingly resist our destiny.

We often move through life like a fish in a fish tank. We swim around and bump up against this wall and that wall because we are limited by what our 5 senses tell us and because we cannot see the larger perspective it is hard to understand why things happen the way they do. There is an ease to life that is always available, however, we must cultivate an awareness of learning to move with the flow of fate rather than against it if we are to find that ease. When we begin to open to what lies beyond those seemingly limited boundaries and learn to trust the flow of life and move with it, without resistance, life begins to fall into place and can become quite magical! Sometimes this happens gradually over time as we experience life and grow from it. Sometimes it happens quite suddenly after a traumatizing event or the loss of a loved one. Fortunately, there is healing work available that can assist with and speed up this process as well.

Regression Therapy is one of the most powerful tools I have found that allows us the opportunity for rapid personal growth…to go directly to the root cause of our blocks and issues as well as giving us an opportunity for a much deeper Spiritual connection.

Past Life Soul Regression (PLSR) is a marvelous tool for getting to the root cause of things like anxiety and depression, fear and phobia, anger issues, addiction issues, repeating patterns in life, relationship issues, physical issues, fear of death, grief, etc…

Those really big questions…who am I, where did I come from, where will I go when I leave here, who are my guides and teachers, who are the members of my soul family, who are my soul mates, what are the contracts I agreed to, what is my purpose work…are usually better answered in the deeper work of the Between Lives Soul Regression (BLSR).

However, timing is everything with this work. People just KNOW when it is time to do this work. It falls into place only when we are ready to open up to that larger perspective and not before.

It is such a pleasure and honor to be able to facilitate this sacred work for others…when they are ready!

Love, Kristine

With over 35 years in the healing arts including more than 13 years in Regression Therapy, Kristine Morton of the Harmony Healing Center is one of the most experienced Regression Therapist Denver has to offer. Give her a call at 303-960-5970 or email her at to get started on your healing process today.

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