The One you are searching for is closer than you think!

The One you are searching for is closer than you think!

When we energetically open to being on a spiritual path we begin to attract to ourselves the right books, the right conversations, the right events, the right role models, gurus or teachers to help mentor us along the way. This is an important part of the spiritual path and can assist us greatly. At some point, however, we begin to realize that the one we are really looking for…is inside of ourselves.

Everything we need to attain the self-realization we are seeking, we already carry within us but of course we can’t experientially know that until we have progressed to a certain point down that self-realization path.

The outer world is a reflection of our inner state of mind and until we understand this on a deep level we will continue to react to what we are seeing, not understanding why we attract the people and events that we do. However, once we get to a place of understanding that when we change our mind our perception of the outer world changes as well we will finally be getting closer to the truth.

Joy is an aspect of our being that is available 24/7 and when we cultivate tools that help us access this joy on a more consistent basis, we will begin to perceive our outside world differently. The outside world may not necessarily change; however, we will then have an opportunity to see it from a different perspective, and that is what changes everything! We do not have to travel long distances to find this joy or imagine that it exists only in another. In fact, the best teachers will point out that the joy we are looking for we already possess!

Regression Therapy is a marvelous tool for helping us access our own inner guidance system that can lead us to the joy we’ve been looking for, inside of us all along!

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