Your Destiny Awaits!

Your Destiny Awaits!

"My Destiny Shall Not Die"

I often get asked, ‘Are our lives predestined, or is it all free will? I have found, through my own personal experiences and the hundreds of regressions I have facilitated for others, that it is a combination of both.

Just as when you are building a house, you need a foundation to put it on and then you need to create an outer shell and a roof. After that, it is all choice. You get to choose how much insulation to put in the walls and where to put the walls and what color to paint those walls and what to put on the floor and how to do the landscaping, etc. Our lives too have a certain amount of built-in structure to them, things that are part of every life, things you cannot change no matter how much you try. And, there is a lot of choice or free will as well.

Each life has a potential destiny embedded in it and it us up to us to decide which roads to take and choices to make as we wind our way toward that destiny. In early childhood, there are always certain things that are part of the structure. The bodies we will be coming into, the family we will be born into and many of the early childhood circumstances we will be experiencing are part of the structure. However, the way we choose to react or respond to those circumstances and the beliefs we take on about ourselves along the way are inevitably, choice. The choices we have made that have caused us to believe we not good enough or smart enough or strong enough or that we are not deserving of love, etc., are not only untrue, but have the power to lead us down roads that lead away from our highest potential.

I find, most of the time, the dysfunctional beliefs we take on in current life have threads of a similar energy patterns from a past life. Unfinished or unresolved energy from a previous life sets up an energy pattern that is brought with us into our current life to be worked through. Our lives are structured to bring up many opportunities for us to work through these patterns, depending on what we chose to work on this time around. Ultimately, we have free will to capitalize on those opportunities…or not. Sometimes the idea of working through these patterns and getting to the root cause of them is so overwhelming that we wind up resigned to a life less than it could have been. The Universe or Source Energy or God or Divine Love (whatever you call it) doesn’t really care how many lives it takes you to work through your patterns because It knows that you will always be given another opportunity in another life to work it through. So, there is no judgement around it, only infinite patience and love.

So, the next question becomes, when? Timing is everything with this work. I can go out and talk about Regression Therapy all I want but people are not even interested in this subject…until they are. They only become intrigued when the time is right. There are always signs and promptings from Spirit in a person’s life that are pointing them in this direction. People just KNOW when the time is right.

Your destiny awaits. Is it time?

It is with great honor and humility that I facilitate this sacred work.

Love, Kristine

With over 40 years in the healing arts including more than 12 years in Regression Therapy,  Kristine Morton of the Harmony Healing Center is one of the most experienced  Regression Therapist Denver has to offer. Give her a call at 303-960-5970 or email her at to get started on your healing process today.

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