Understanding Left and Right Brain

Understanding Left and Right Brain

Understanding the difference between left and right brain is very important in Regression Therapy because we have to tap into the right brain in order to do this work and the left brain has to get out of the way. So, let’s talk about this left and right brain thing for a bit…

The brain is a receiver and a transmitter. The left side of the brain, home of the ego, receives information from the third dimensional reality of this current but temporary life time. The left brain is considered the more logical, analytical, time bound, objective, rational, detail-oriented side of us that is constantly making judgements and experiencing emotions (depending on how we perceive those experiences) and transmitting signals to the body to release hormones and neuropeptides in response to those life experiences while filing it all away to compare with similar future experiences. Very simply stated, the left brain’s function is to help us navigate this lifetime, on this planet.

The right brain is also receiving information but from dimensions that are less tangible. The right brain is the more creative, artistic, intuitive, imaginative, feeling, expansive, timeless, heart centered side of us, that eternal part of us that is connected to our Higher Self or the Soul which exists outside the restraints of this world of form. The right brain also sends signals to the body for the release of hormones and neuropeptides designed for helping us enjoy the ride.

When born we are usually a balanced mix of the left and right brain. Both sides communicate with each other through the corpus callosum at the base of the brain. When this relationship is functioning properly the left brain or ego is a useful tool, representing the whole self but not thinking that it is the whole self, allowing us to be in the world but not of it.

Early in childhood the left-brain ego gets very strong. This is not a bad thing. We couldn’t have survived childhood without it or learned how to function in this third dimensional reality without that more “realistic” and rational side watching out for us. Too often though, depending upon how traumatic our lives have been and how much pain and suffering we have carried with us from this and past lives, our egos will become very dominant forcing our Soul Self, our more joyful side, to take a back seat. However, when the left brain remains out in front leading the show for too long it can actually become quite unbalanced and unstable because it was never meant to lead, and it becomes a tyrant and begins to wreak havoc in our lives and to think it is everything.

Those of us on a spiritual journey eventually come to a point where we tire of all the pain, suffering and drama that is being created by this imbalance. Our Higher Self starts crying out for expression and we start searching for our joy. We usually begin to get promptings from that right brain side of us in the form of intuitive hits, dreams, visions, déjà vu experiences and bizarre synchronistic events that cause us to vaguely remember and intuitively know there is more to all of this than what we can see, hear, taste touch and smell. We become hungry for more causing us to begin searching for ways to access this other side of things. This leads many to Regression Therapy.

We are utilizing hypnosis in Regression Therapy to access lower states of consciousness. We all come down through these different (natural, normal, right brain) levels of consciousness every single night as we drift off to sleep. We come down so quickly though and drop off into sleep that we don’t have a chance to consciously hover in those lower realms, which is where we have access to our memories of who we really are and all we have been before. Proper preparation and the process of hypnosis allows us to drop down into these lower states and naturally assists the left brain to take its proper place during the session. This allows us to tap into these memories which can help us begin to unravel our issues and find our joy.

Regression Therapy is a marvelous tool for accessing this other side of us that we intuitively know is there and for assisting us to integrate the right side of our brains back into our lives and for helping our Higher Selves to come forward and begin to take the lead. And that can make all the difference in the world!

It is with great honor and humility that I facilitate this sacred work.

Love, Kristine

I will be back in the Denver area to work with clients mid August to mid September. All of the appointments in August are booked now but I still have a few appointments left in September so don’t wait to schedule if the timing is right for you!

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