Healing Unresolved Pain with Regression Therapy

Healing Unresolved Pain with Regression Therapy

Pain and suffering are inevitable in every life.  We come into these lives to experience and grow, knowing full well that we will get wounded along the way.  The journey includes working through those hurts to find our way back to a life of more ease and joy.

We knew before we chose to come into this life that there would be events and circumstances embedded within  that would bring any unresolved issues from past lives back up to the surface, so we would have an opportunity to heal them.  We willingly signed up for those often-difficult lives because we knew that there was great value in the growth that occurs in those challenging experiences.

Most of us are going through our daily lives well aware of the underlying pains that we are carrying around with us.  We’ve been feeling this way and carrying them with us for so long though that it feels normal. We identify with our pains to the extent that we begin to believe that they are who we really are. Those feelings and pains quite often will darken our reality.

Sooner or later on our spiritual journey we finally realize that the burden of the pains that we have not resolved are limiting and restricting our lives.  Unresolved issues get in the way of our becoming all that we can be and so, we start searching for ways to heal.

We usually begin searching our current life, into our early childhood memories for the cause of our pain and almost always can find some links there.  Working with these current life memories can be helpful but often only scratches the surface because the ROOT of unresolved issues is almost always based in a past life.

Regression Therapy is a marvelous tool for getting to the root cause of our issues and lingering pains.  By dropping down into lower states of consciousness through the process of hypnosis we find that we have access to memories of who we have been in previous lives.  In that space it is as if there are open doors that we can enter to explore other aspects of ourselves from our past and between life dimensions.

Bringing these past life and between life memories into the conscious mind helps us to explain the content and context for the feelings and thoughts that we have been carrying with us, often for a very long time and allows the process of healing to begin.

Timing is everything with this work.  People just KNOW when it is time to do this work.  Is the time right for you?

It is with great honor and passion that I facilitate this sacred work for others.

Love, Kristine

With over 40 years in the healing arts including more than 12 years in Regression Therapy,  Kristine Morton of the Harmony Healing Center is one of the most experienced  Regression Therapist Denver has to offer. Give her a call at 303-960-5970 or email her at kristine@harmonysoulregression.com to get started on your healing process today.

If you haven’t yet checked out the web site, www.harmonysoulregression.com, please do. You’ll find an assortment of articles that Kristine and others have written over the years relating to Past Life and Between Lives Regression Therapy. There are answers to Hynotherapy FAQs as well as a free self hypnosis audio. There’s also information about Kristine’s Spiritual Coaching practice and there’s a radio interview where she covers a lot of great questions. If you like what you see, or hear, please like the Facebook Button visit my FB page, Harmony Healing Center. It would be much appreciated.

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