Healing the Wounded Child Within

 Healing the Wounded Child Within

Getting emotionally wounded in early childhood is a almost a given in everyone’s lives. I don’t care how good the childhood was, no one comes through unscathed. One of our most important journeys in life is to work through those childhood wounds

Regression Therapy has given us a tool to be able to better understand the dynamics of life. Under hypnosis we can go back into early childhood and explore things that happened to us in this life and assist us in understanding the where and why of who we are today. However, what is so fascinating about Regression Therapy is that while under hypnosis, when we ask to be taken back to the root cause of a repeating pattern in our life or to the root of a dysfunctional relationship for example, time and time again we are taken back to a story of a different time and place in a different body in a different life. These stories always dovetail with this current life. Many religions would have you believe that you get only one life but why do some people have relatively good lives and others have what some would call nightmare lives. Why do some live in comfort, abundance and peace while others endure lives of hunger and disease in war torn countries? Past Life Regression provides many of the answers to those questions of why some have it good in this life and some do not. Realizing that we have had many, many lives helps us to understand that each of our past lives was designed in some way to assist us and bringing that information up to the conscious mind can improve our current lives.

Past Life Soul Regression allows us to tap into the memories of those past lives from which we are still carrying unresolved energy. Discovering the common threads that lead from a past life to the current one can be a little mind boggling at first (to the left brain) and yet healing tends to be the outcome of bringing that information up to the conscious mind.

The goal of Past Life Soul Regression is to go back into the past life where the root of our current issues or problems began and to explore that life in great detail. Then we get to a death scene and cross over into Spirit where it is always our intention to connect with a Divine energy that comes in to helps us to connect all the dots from that life to this one. This can be one of the most profound parts of the whole session.

One of the most important parts that comes up for people time and time again during a Past Life Regression session is the awakening of their inner child and the realization that this child has been wounded in some way in past lives as well as this current one. This child carries the burdens of those wounds, past and present. The good news is that they also discover that they have the tools inside of themselves to heal those wounds. They are then able to connect to the Divine Guidance inherent within each of us for support and assistance in moving forward in the process of righting past wrongs, correcting mistaken perceptions, healing old wounds, and forgiving themselves and all who may have been involved so that they can begin this life anew.

It is with honor and humility that I facilitate this sacred work for others.

Love, Kristine


Kristine will be back in the Denver area for all of April and May 2019 to work with clients and those sessions are booking now. While there are still many appointments available at this time it won’t be long before they become scarce and they are usually completely booked a month or two before Kristine arrives.

If you have been thinking about doing this work, maybe this is your time.


With over 40 years in the healing arts including more than 13 years in Regression Therapy, Kristine Morton of the Harmony Healing Center is one of the most experienced Regression Therapists that Denver and Colorado has to offer. Give her a call at 303-960-5970 or email her at kristine@harmonysoulregression.com to get started on your healing process today.

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