This Present Moment

This present moment is what life is all about.  Our truest power is right here in this present moment.  It is the only place we have control of our options and choices.  It is where we can set our intentions for the future.  It is where LIFE is, where living is, where we achieve consciousness.  This present moment is the only place we can experience and learn to truly love ourselves so that we can truly be present with others and BE a presence of love and compassion for the world. 

Too often, however, we are still carrying energy left over from a past life.  This residual energy colors our lens of perception and clogs our filters, so to speak, distorting our view of reality.

The truth is we are all truly amazing spiritual beings that have come here to share our gifts and talents with the world.  This sharing of ourselves with the world not only assists in our own personal soul progression but also assists others who are searching for their true identity.

There are many tools out there today that can assist with cleaning up our energy field so that we can perceive ourselves and the world around us more clearly.  In addition to Regression Therapy there is Sacred Breath Work, Shamanic Healing, EMDR and EFT, Therapeutic Artwork, Transformational Bodywork and oh so many more.

If we are progressing as we move through this journey called life, at some point we realize that we have cleared enough and it is time to let go of the tools and just BE.  We’ve come to a place of deep self-forgiveness and can have compassion for others on their journey.  We are able to surrender to something larger than ourselves that wants to take the lead now, instead of us trying to hammer everything out on our own.  Life becomes easy and effortless and just flows when we get out of our own way and allow our higher self to lead.  And we find we can see ourselves and the world around us from a different perspective, from a higher vantage point.

Past Life Soul Regression and Between Lives Soul Regression are some of the most powerful tools I have found that allows us to clean up our energy field and clear the lens quickly, safely and affordably while giving us an opportunity for rapid personal growth and a much deeper connection to Spirit. 

Timing is everything with this work.  People just know when it is time to do this work.  Is it time for you?  Is there an inner urging moving you forward, a deep quest to know more and to expand?

Personally, this work has changed everything for me.  It is with great privilege and honor that I am able to facilitate this sacred work for others.

With much love,



Kristine’s schedule for private in-person sessions typically fills several weeks to several months in advance. She is currently scheduling in-person sessions for October. However, Past Life Soul Regressions can be done over the phone as well and a phone session could be scheduled much sooner. The Between Lives Soul Regression must be done in-person.

With over 40 years in the healing arts including more than 13 years in Regression Therapy, Kristine Morton of the Harmony Healing Center is one of the most experienced Regression Therapist Denver has to offer. Give her a call at 303-960-5970 or email her at to get started on your healing process today. If you haven’t yet checked out the web site,, please do. You’ll find an assortment of articles that Kristine and others have written over the years relating to Past Life and Between Lives Regression Therapy There are answers to Hypnotherapy FAQs as well as a free self hypnosis audio. There’s also information about Spiritual Coaching practice and there’s a radio interview where Kristine covers a lot of great questions. If you like what you see, or hear, please visit our Harmony Healing Center FB page and give us a like. It would be much appreciated. Click Here to download your FREE Self-Hypnosis Audio! To use this Relaxation Audio find a quiet place to sit or lie down. Take the phone “off the hook”. Start the audio and simply listen until the audio has finished. It may be useful to keep a journal or notebook close by and write down anything that comes to you while you listened to the audio. VISIT THE HARMONY HEALING CENTER If you have a friend, family member or colleague who would wish to receive the Harmony Soul Regression Newsletter, please send their email address to  


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