Past Life Regression Testimonial

“A Phenomenal Experience!”
Approximately 2 months after a session I always reach out to clients to do a follow up with them. It is so rewarding to read their responses. I have hundreds of glowing testimonials. This month I want to share the responses from just one of my clients after her Past Life Soul Regression: ” I definitely have a deeper peace and calm and find I look at almost every situation from the perspective of a soul having a human experience. It feels much more integrated now. I feel as though our session opened a door for me to allow me to expand to the next level of awareness. I have gained more clarity, on so many situations in my life. I am in the present moment more than ever before. My intuition feels super charged in many ways, especially my clairvoyance. I am seeing things like never before. I am in such gratitude and awe, for myself and others! Forgiveness has reached deeper levels within me and has allowed me to stand in such incredible gratitude to the other souls on my journey. This has especially happened around my sister and my mother, also my dad. I’ve been able to connect a few more people in my current life to people in the past life I explored. I realize that several guides I have in my current life, are different expressions of the same soul from different lifetimes, including my dad in this life. This was mind blowing at first, but now feels super cool! The growth/expansion of my conscious awareness of how vast our souls are and how connected we all are to one another, how time is truly an illusion and how we create our own reality has opened so much wider, and that continues to grow. I feel like myself, but that I am seeing all with new eyes. Expansive is not descriptive enough! I was so touched, and still am, by all the love I was surrounded by in session. I still feel it, that feeling of being bathed in love, knowing I am always connected to and an integral part of a loving consciousness that expresses itself through each of us is incredibly powerful. I was not prepared for the continued powerful growth (even though you told me!). At times this has led to me feeling anxiety as the session seemed to lead me into a review of my current life. I did not anticipate that I would start looking at all past decisions, actions, etc. as an observer. Some of that has been difficult to see and not pleasant, but at the same time the love I am bathed in, and the support I feel from all dimensions is incredible. It’s all led to those deeper levels of forgiveness, compassion and gratitude for myself and others. And that has been amazing. I did not expect the depth of healing I am still experiencing. This has been life changing for me in so many ways that I feel but cannot articulate well. I feel as if light is bursting from every cell! This was truly a phenomenal experience.” It is such an honor and pleasure to be able to facilitate Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression sessions for clients. Thank you to everyone who has trusted me to guide them and to those who have provided feedback from their sessions. I am as passionate about this work as I was when I first started 14 years ago, and I look forward to continuing to provide this sacred work for years to come. Much love, Kristine   _____________________________________________________________________   The April-May schedule for in-person Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression sessions in Denver is open now. At this time there are still several spots available but they typically fill up well in advance. However, Past Life Soul Regression sessions can be facilitated very well over the phone as well. The Between Lives Soul Regression must be done in-person. __________________ With over 40 years in the healing arts including more than 13 years in Regression Therapy, Kristine Morton of the Harmony Healing Center is one of the most experienced Regression Therapist Denver has to offer. Give her a call at 303-960-5970 or email her at to get started on your healing process today. If you haven’t yet checked out the web site,, please do. You’ll find an assortment of articles that Kristine and others have written over the years relating to Past Life and Between Lives Regression Therapy There are answers to Hypnotherapy FAQs as well as a free self hypnosis audio. There’s also information about Spiritual Coaching practice and there’s a radio interview where Kristine covers a lot of great questions. If you like what you see, or hear, please visit our Harmony Healing Center FB page and give us a like. It would be much appreciated. Click Here to download your FREE Self-Hypnosis Audio! To use this Relaxation Audio find a quiet place to sit or lie down. Take the phone “off the hook”. Start the audio and simply listen until the audio has finished. It may be useful to keep a journal or notebook close by and write down anything that comes to you while you listened to the audio. VISIT THE HARMONY HEALING CENTER If you have a friend, family member or colleague who would wish to receive the Harmony Soul Regression Newsletter, please send their email address to  

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