Finding the teacher within

Kristine Morton

We’ve all had times in our lives where we have admired others. This could be a new friend or someone we are falling in love with or a spiritual leader or guru, or someone who seems to have the world at their feet. We tend to see them in a glowing light, their good qualities dominating our perception of them and they seem to be perfect and without any negative qualities. This is commonly known as putting someone on a pedestal. We set ourselves up for disappointment when we do this though because no one is perfect and it is just a matter of time before their flaws begin to show through. Everyone has flaws, problems and blind spots, just as we do, and we all have struggles.

If there is a common theme in your life of being disillusioned and perhaps even angry at others once their imperfections start showing up it is usually connected to the perfectionist role that we have assumed for ourselves. A result of not accepting our own flaws, the “shadow” side of ourselves. When we idolize others, we are giving away our power and saying that ‘I am not good enough’.

We cannot truly connect with a person whom we have placed upon a pedestal because we are not allowing them room to be themselves. When we learn to treat the people we know and love with the awareness that they too, like ourselves, are a combination of both divine and human qualities we can then be inspired by their divine qualities and have compassion for them, and ourselves, when their human, less than divine side shows up.

Regression Therapy is a marvelous tool for getting to the root cause of this ‘not good enough’ energy and for unearthing the divine qualities that may be lying dormant inside of us. When we can begin to really listen to our intuition and let it lead us, life can become effortless and magical.

Past Life and Between Lives Soul Regression Therapy can lead us to the awareness that the answers we are looking for are not out there in the world, they are inside of each an every one of us and that is where we need to go to find them. WE are the ones we’ve been searching for and we are “good enough”.

Regression Therapy helps us to understand that we already have everything we need within ourselves and that no one outside of ourselves can know what is in our best interest. We all have divine qualities within us that we are either expressing… or not.

Personally, this work has changed everything for me. It has enabled me to hear and trust my own intuition and love myself on a deep level and bring forth my own unique divine qualities. It is such an honor to be able to facilitate this sacred work for others.

Much love,



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