Feeling Challenged;Go Deep

Dear Friends,

I hope this finds you all safe and well during these incredibly challenging times! 

As we witness the bizarre events that are happening out there in the world today we know each of us is being impacted.  Some of us in very major ways.  As systems break down and things no longer work the way they used to, we are beginning to look for new ways to navigate through it all.  Many of the issues that we have struggled with but kept somewhat under control back when times were “normal”, are now being forced to the surface by all the chaos and are pushing us to dig deep for answers and solutions.  At some point, we realize that the answers we are looking for are not out there in the world but can only be found within..

Utilizing hypnosis in Regression Therapy allows us to connect with our memories, inner knowing and inner guidance which can give us valuable insights into the obstacles getting in our way and give us an opportunity to resolve and heal and move forward in our lives with more peace, forgiveness, compassion and understanding, as well as giving us a much deeper connection to Spirit.  

Past Life Soul Regression is a marvelous tool for going deep within to get back to the root cause of things that are disrupting our lives like…anxiety and depression, fears and phobias, anger issues, addiction issues, repeating dysfunctional patterns, relationship issues, physical issues, etc. 

The deeper work of the Between Lives Soul Regression is where we can get the answers to those really BIG questions like…Who am I? Why am I here? Where did I come from? Where will I go when I leave here? Who are my guides and teachers? Who are the members of my soul family and soul mates? What are the contracts I agreed to this time around? What is my purpose work?

Between Lives recall provides an opportunity for a profound spiritual connection by enabling access to memories of our experiences as an eternal soul.  This inner connection allows us to understand the issues and experiences that we have chosen to work with in our current lifetime and to get a clear sense of our development as a soul, where we are headed and much more….

Times like these are extremely challenging but can be catalysts for us to dive deeper.  People just know when it is time to do this work.  Our intuition nudges us, giving us signs, causing us to sense that there must be more to all of this than meets the eye.   

Regression Therapy is a tool for helping us find the answers we are looking for inside our ourselves giving us an opportunity to create more peace, ease, joy and fulfillment in this current life. 

It has truly been an honor to have assisted so many of you over the years on your journey of self-discovery and I look forward to being of assistance for many more years to come.  

Please be gentle with yourselves as you find your new legs in a new world.  

Much love,


P.S.  Be sure to check the recent podcast that I did with Troy Valencia where I am able to answer so many wonderful questions. https://youtu.be/w6y6XJoLkHo


It has truly been a crazy year!  Due to COV-19 all in-person sessions have been cancelled but the good news is that Regression Therapy works very well on Zoom!  So, until further notice all sessions are being conducted remotely online, on the Zoom platform or via phone.


Kristine Morton of the Harmony Healing Center has over 40 years in the healing arts including more than 14 years as a Regression Therapist. She has many hundreds of amazing testimonials describing the power of this work.

Give her a call at 303-960-5970 or email her at kristine@harmonysoulregression.com to get started on your healing process today.

If you haven’t yet checked out the web site, www.harmonysoulregression.com, please do. You’ll find an assortment of articles that Kristine and others have written over the years relating to Past Life and Between Lives Regression Therapy. There are answers to Hypnotherapy FAQs as well as a free self hypnosis audio. There is also information about the Spiritual Coaching practice and there’s a radio interview where Kristine covers a lot of great questions.

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