Things Are Never What They Seem on the Surface

On the surface, we believe that the outside world is responsible for our discomforts in life and so we go around placing blame here and there. In reality, the roots to those discomforts are more often connected to something deeper, something buried within long forgotten memories whether from this life or from lingering memories of impactful events experienced in a past life.It doesn’t matter what your discomfort is called; loneliness, frustration, discontent, insecurity, betrayal, impatience, lack, etc., . All are the result of distant memories from your lives, memories that can be easily misunderstood in real time, here on the surface. Unfortunately, the memories of what may have been traumatic experiences can bleed into situations where the context is misunderstood, resulting in any of the discomforts mentioned, and more. None of the many discomforts that we experience really have anything to do with the outside world but everything to do with our disconnection from the inner world of Self and Divinity where all memories reside, their proper context realized and lead to answers and peace of mind. In order to get to those answers and find peace of mind we have to dive deep within ourselves. For many of us, we have to get to a place where we feel that we are ‘up against a brick wall’ or, ‘at our wits end’ before we can admit that things are not working for us and realize that there has to be a better way. We don’t have to know what that better way looks like or how we will get there, we just need to know that the answers we are looking for are right there, inside each of us. Past Life Soul Regression is a marvelous tool for getting to the root cause of our issues. Using hypnosis, we can side-step the left brain and get out of our own way in order to access a different part of the brain that has access to those answers inside of us.We used to have to spend years and thousands of dollars in traditional psychotherapy to scrape off the surface of one or two issues. This is some of the most powerful work I have found that allows us to get to the root of things, quickly, safely, and affordably, giving us an opportunity for release and healing on a deep level and rapid personal growth.Then, when we are ready, The Between Lives Soul Regression can give us an opportunity to access our memories of our Soul state that is directly connected to all that is an all that we are, our eternal home where we can remember incredible details about our immortal life BETWEEN lives, giving us an opportunity for a much deeper connection to Spirit. Personally, this work has changed everything for me. After 15 years as a Regression Therapist, it is still such an honor and privilege to be able to facilitate this work for others.Is it time to dig deeper for the answers you are looking for? You will just know when the time is right to do this work.Much love,Kristine

For answers to many of your questions about Past Life and Between Lives Regressions and Kristine’s approach be sure to check out a recent podcast with Troy Valencia at

Kristine Morton of the Harmony Healing Center has over 40 years in the healing arts including more than 14 years as a Regression Therapist. She has hundreds of amazing testimonials describing the power of this work.

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