George S. Patton: The Eternal Soldier

“I wonder if I could have been here before as I drive up the Roman road the Theater seems familiar — perhaps I headed a legion up that same white road… I passed a chateau in ruins which I possibly helped escalate in the middle ages. There is no proof nor yet any denial. We were, We are, and we will be.” George S. Patton

Generally regarded as one of the greatest military minds in American and perhaps world history, General George S. Patton (11 November 1885 – 21 December 1945), is also one of history’s most colorful figures as well. He was as known for his pithy statements and direct approach to solving problems as he was for his military genius. However, what people who only know him by name don’t realize is that Patton was a firm believer in past lives and the concept of reincarnation which during his lifetime was not an accepted notion in the West. This is why Patton holds the interest of people who specialize in metaphysics and past life regression therapy. That a man so pragmatic and hard-nosed could believe in this metaphysical concept amazes people who first learn of his belief yet his life is full of quotes and experiences to back up the claim.

Other personages Patton believed himself to have inhabited during other periods in history include:

  • A prehistoric mammoth hunter
  • A Greek hoplite that fought the Persians
  • A soldier of Alexander the Great who fought at the siege of Tyre
  • Hannibal
  • A Roman legionary under Julius Caesar
  • An English knight during the Hundred Years War
  • A Napoleonic marshal

Patton’s official religion was Episcopalian; however, his belief in reincarnation aligns itself more with religions of the east than with the Abrahamic religions of the West. Reincarnation is a tent pole of religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism. Even Greek figures like Pythagoras, Socrates, and Plato strongly believed in the concept of past lives.

Patton died as the result of a vehicular accident at the age of 60. Throughout Patton’s storied career, he intuited that his past lives had always involved the need to distinguish him in battle and to serve a greater cause. He instinctively felt during several battles a sense of being in a similar situation in another life centuries earlier. At our facility it is not uncommon that we encounter people who intuit that they may have unfinished business that has carried over with them from another life. Other patients have no concept of or belief in reincarnation. In either case, we specialize in past life regression in Denver that is thorough and probing. We can help people regardless of their feelings about this phenomenon.

Important Figures in the History of Hypnosis

Much of the work we do here at Harmony Soul Regression rests squarely on the shoulders of others who have pioneered the fields of psychology and hypnosis. These men and women have not only explored new vistas of the human psyche, they did so in a relatively “unscientific” era often encountering skepticism, superstition and sometimes outright hostility to these new ideas. Between lives soul regression would not be possible for our regression therapist were it not for these trailblazers. This is why we would like to list some of the more notable pioneers in the field of hypnosis in particular.

In a technical sense, hypnosis predates modern Western civilization and actually stretches back into ancient history. It is thought that the practice was used by the Ancient Greeks as a way to prepare patients for surgery. For the purposes of this post we are referring to modern pioneers in the field.

  • Franz Anton Mesmer (1720-1792): Mesmer developed a method called “animal magnetism” that was the forerunner of early hypnotism. His ideas gained wide popularity from 1780 and 1850 and were later revised and explored further by Scottish physician James Braid.
  • James Braid (1795-1860): Braid attempted to rename “animal magnetism” (mesmerism) using the then new term “hypnotism” which he derived from Hypnos, the Greek God of sleep.
  • Hippolyte Bernheim (1840-1919): This French physician and neurologist, is best known for his theory of suggestibility as it relates to hypnotism. Bernheim first suggested the idea of “false memories.” His published works include “De la Suggestion dans l’État Hypnotique et dans l’État de Veille”, Paris, 1884 and “De la Suggestion et de son Application à la Thérapeutique”, Paris, 1887.
  • Sigmund Freud (1856-1939): This founder of psychoanalysis started his career as a hypnotist and introduced the concept of hypnotic regression. Volumes have been written about Freud’s contributions to psychiatry.
  • Clark Leonard Hull (1884 – 1952): This behavioral psychologist and former president of the American Psychological Association pioneered early scientific research into the phenomenon of hypnotism.
  • Ernest Ropiequet “Jack” Hilgard (1904 – 2001): Hilgard, was an authority on pain management as it relates to hypnosis. His Stanford Hypnotic Susceptibility Scale (SHSS) is to this day the most widely-used research tool in the field of hypnosis.

Today, much of what we know about hypnosis comes from the works of the above individuals and others too many to mention here. Unlike some of these individuals, we live in an age of relative enlightenment when it comes to new ideas. We use a wide range of these techniques in our therapy to unearth problems that extend far back into our patients’ psyches. Often these journeys lead us directly to past lives.

Fascinating Facts about the Subconscious Mind

The goal of regression therapy and past life healing is to delve into the subconscious mind and extract from it what information it can that can help patients in the material world. But what has been clear to science and metaphysics for some time is that the subconscious mind is a strange and fascinating frontier of which we are still only beginning to fully grasp. The irony here is that the way it works and perceives our world is so vitally important to our everyday lives. Here are some of the interesting things we do know about the subconscious mind that aids us in our work here and can help our patients.

  • It speaks to us in our dreams: Dreams and regression therapy are the main ways the subconscious communicates with us. It is all a matter of being open to what the subconscious has to say to us as it is brutally honest.
  • The subconscious mind never sleeps: Although the subconscious mind speaks to us in dreams and during hypnosis, it is in a sense always “on.”meditation-338446_640
  • The preconscious mind is not logical: The feeling mind is irrational and thinks non-linearly.
  • The subconscious is more powerful than your conscious mind: Your subconscious mind processes endless amounts of data about your life and then translates it into our brains for later interpretation.
  • The subconscious mind is transcendent: Our subconscious mind stores data not just about our present lives but also about our past lives.
  • The subconscious powers our minds: The subconscious mind controls most of our behavior on some level.
  • The subconscious mind is primal: Our instincts and emotions are thought to originate from our subconscious mind and its needs. It is ruled by these emotions and instincts rather than by reason.
  • Our subconscious mind controls us: We may think that we make decisions with our conscious mind but in many cases we are only following the dictates of our subconscious.
  • We can learn to program our subconscious mind: Using visualization and other therapeutic techniques (under the guidance of a professional) we can learn to program our subconscious mind.

Yes, by delving into the subconscious we can help you resolve many of the issues that may be plaguing you in your everyday, conscious life. That is part of what we do at Harmony Soul Regression. Our sessions are conducted by experts in the field of regression therapy and past life healing who can help you interpret ideas and emotions whose origin you may not even be aware of consciously.

Past Life Dreams and Soul Regression

“The soul is not born; it does not die; it was not produced from anyone: Unborn, eternal, it is not slain, though the body is slain.” – Katha Upanishad

Mankind has long ago abandoned the notion that dreams are simply random images that run through our minds when we are asleep. Every reputable expert knows that they are much more than that. They are the divide between the conscious and the subconscious mind. They are the mind attempting to communicate some message to us on a variety of subjects. What we in the field of past life healing also know is that memories that occur to us in this state don’t always occur to us during our waking hours. Our minds are constantly on. Therefore information, memories and dreams that come to us in our non-waking hours is also of great significance in our lives. Indeed, some of the most vivid and meaningful past life recollections that people have are while they are sleep. But how does a person know if he/she has had a dream that may signify that he/she may have had a past life? A regression therapist is the person who can best help identify and interpret such dreams but signs that individuals can look for include:

Great historical detail: Most dreams are very general and the images that populate it are of objects and people that are familiar with your current life. Dreams that contain detailed events and places from other times may signify that you are experiencing memories of a past life while you are asleep.

Repeating and unchanging dreams: Past life dreams are most focused and less chaotic than regular dreams. Regular dreams occur to us in a non-linear fashion; past life dreams do not.

Imparts information outside of our learning: During the course of a past life dream, people can often display learning, talents, skills, and abilities that they have not acquired (e.g., surgery, a foreign language, etc). Occasionally, this information may even manifest itself during a person’s waking hours.

Lucid Dreaming and Past Lives

Have you ever had a dream where you were aware that you were dreaming? In that dream have you ever deliberately affected the outcome of the scenarios presented in it? That is a lucid dream. Lucid dreaming can be effective in helping to uncover a past life. Lucid dreaming and hypnosis are both an altered state of consciousness so it is entirely possible to lucid regress. Of course the best way to do so and to interpret such dreams is by consulting with a professional. She will be able to help you determine if your dreams may be connected to a past life and thus set you on the road to resolving a number of issues that may be causing you difficulties in this life. Kristine Morton can help you gain such clarity and is trained, licensed and fully certified in regression therapy.

Regression Therapy and Hot Stone Massage

Regression therapy calls for patients to achieve the maximum level of comfort both with the therapist and within their own bodies. Little can be achieved in any given session if the patient feels stressful or ill at ease. This is why at Harmony Soul Regression we employ massage therapy to help patients reach a level of comfort and relaxation that is such a valuable aid to our sessions. Specifically, we use hot stone massage at either the beginning or end of our sessions in order to help patients release any stored stress and trauma they may have relating to a past life. We find regression therapy and hot stone massage to be an effective combination for those who seek release from the very tensions that bring them to us in the first place. However, we realize that some people are unfamiliar with hot stone massage therapy and for those of you who are new to this kind of massage we offer you this introduction.

What is a Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massage dates way back to Native Americans who warmed stones over an open fire and strategically placed the hot rocks on different parts of their bodies in order to release aches and muscle pains. Today, the process involves smooth-surfaced stones of basalt that are heated in sanitizing water before each use. These stones are then placed upon the subject. The iron content in the basalt helps store heat for an extended period of time. Most people can benefit from hot stone massage however it is not recommended that people with high blood pressure or pregnant women use this kind of therapy.

Other Benefits of a Hot Stone Massage

Apart from helping people release stress and trauma from a past life healing session, there are other benefits of hot stone massage therapy. They include:

  • Improved Circulation: The heat produced from the hot stones placed on your body causes your blood vessels to open thus facilitating better circulation.
  • Mental Relaxation: For our purposes this is the most important benefit of hot stone massage. This kind of therapy itself is being used by more and more therapists in the management of mental stress and tension.
  • Increased flexibility: Hot stone massage aids the body by making mobility and movement easier and by making joints more flexible.

At Harmony Soul Regression we believe in using every available tool to help you explore and put into the proper context your past life experiences and how they may be impinging upon your present life. That is why we can employ this ancient technique so that you can get more out of your sessions with us.


Hypnosis: Myths vs. Truth

We’ve all heard the joke about the woman who was hypnotized into thinking she was a chicken and whose husband refused to have her brought out of it. Finally, after a time, the man had the poor woman “de-hypnotized.” When later asked why he waited so long the man replied, “Because we needed the eggs.” (I do confess that the joke is so old that I may be taking some license in recalling exactly how it goes.) The point is it is easy and even natural to make light of things we don’t understand and around which so much misinformation lies. At Harmony Soul Regression we want our clients to know as much as they can about this phenomenon that may help them find clarity in their lives. We want our clients to know that hypnosis is neither scary nor magical. It is a tried and tested method of delving into the subconscious with the goal of ultimately bettering the lives of patients. Moreover, it has been used for decades to solve crimes, to counsel patients, to manage pain management, etc. Therefore, so that you can better understand this phenomenon, we would like to give you the facts about and dispel some of the myths surrounding hypnosis.

Myth #1: The Person the hypnotist controls has no independent will.

Fact: While the hypnotist does have some control over the subject, it is not possible to have that person do something this is obviously dangerous and wrong.

Myth #2: Only the mentally weak can be hypnotized.

Fact: This is certainly not true. People vary in how susceptible they are to hypnosis. In fact, it has been estimated that around 30% of the people are resistant to hypnosis.

Myth #3: A Hypnotherapist or past life regression therapist can cure someone in one session:

Fact: Stage hypnotist who entertain at parties, etc., have promulgated this myth. Experts can tell you that hypnotherapy can take several sessions before great progress is made.

Myth #4: There is no scientific proof that hypnosis works or that it is therapeutic:

Fact: Scientific studies have shown that hypnosis is an effective form of therapy for many conditions.

Myth #5: You can get “stuck” in hypnosis:

Fact: This gets back to our chicken lady joke. Hypnotherapists always end the session at some point. Even if they did not, the client would eventually either become fully alert or would fall asleep.

In conclusion, hypnosis is an often misunderstood phenomenon that has been around for many decades and has helped many people from all walks of life resolve problems in their current and even past lives. At Harmony Soul Regression we feel that information empowers our patients to be able to help in their own therapy.


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Famous People who Believed in Reincarnation and Past Lives

“I don’t know about other people, but for myself there has never been any question. I don’t just think it; I know there are places I’ve been before, and not in this life.” George S. Patton

The fact that the human spirit is on a constant evolutionary trajectory is a belief that is held not just by adherents of Hinduism, it is a belief that has been and is currently being held by people who are outside that or any other faith. In fact, many famous people have felt themselves certain beyond any doubt that they lived a past life. This is what makes past life healing such a useful tool for exploring the psyche of patients. Believing in a particular faith or in reincarnation is not a necessity. But those who do seek a regression therapist should try to keep an open mind, as have many others before them, about the possibility that life is indeed cyclical and that they may be a link in a chain that began many centuries ago. Here are some famous historical figures who believed in past lives.

George S. Patton: America’s no-nonsense, quintessential military leader was a firm believer in past lives. In fact, historians say that the topic of reincarnation was a favorite topic of the general, who himself, was a devote Episcopalian. In one instance, Patton recalled himself dying in battle as a Viking and being escorted to Valhalla. Late in life he was quoted as saying “So as through a glass and darkly, the age long strife I see, where I fought in many guises, many names, but always me.

Napoleon Bonaparte: This legendary French emperor believed that he lived many times and often discussed this fact with his generals. Moreover, some people believe that Napoleon was the actual reincarnation of Charlemagne (also known as Charles the Great or Charles I).

Salvador Dali: Surrealist painter and creator of such iconic pieces as The Persistence of Memory claimed that he had memories that went back to the 16th century. Moreover, he believed himself to have been a monk at that time that had been beaten and imprisoned.

Benjamin Franklin: A Founding Father of the nation with too many titles to list here, believed that the soul was not extinguished by physical death. He once wrote, “When I see nothing annihilated (in the works of God) and not a drop of water wasted, I cannot suspect the annihilation of souls…”

Goethe: The great German writer and statesman once wrote, “I am certain I have been here as I am now a thousand times before, and I hope to return a thousand times.”

Yes, many people – living and dead, famous and obscure – have reached the inescapable conclusion that past lives can and do reside in all of us. Past life regression therapy helps people with current day problems trace these conflicts back to lives to which they may not have been aware.right-brain-left-brain-fnl-598x441

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Between Lives Soul Regression

The fact that the subject of between lives soul regression has become increasingly popular as a therapeutic device is sort of a mixed blessing.  On one hand more and more lay people are learning about how this phenomenon can help them with their spiritual and emotional growth and well being.  On the other hand, people who are untrained in this phenomenon can sometimes distort this very complicated subject.  The movies in particular sometimes take a subject that is difficult and over simplifies it for the sake of dramatic license.  Here are some movies that address the topic of between lives soul regression and reincarnation with varying degrees of success.  Some are very thoughtfully handled while others are more entertainment than fact.

  • On A Clear Day You Can See Forever (1970): M8DONAC EC004Starring Barbara Streisand, this movie is about a woman who uses hypnosis to stop her smoking but instead discovers that she is the re-incarnation of a 19th-century seductress named Lady Melinda Winifred.
  • Patton (1970): It is a well known fact that General George S. Patton believed himself to have been reincarnated from several military leaders of the past.  Patton is known to have once said, “Through a glass and darkly, the age old strife I see where I fought in many guises, many names but always me.”
  • Chances Are (1989): This comedy starring Cybill Sheperd, Robert Downey Jr. and Mary Stuart Masterson, deals with a man who is the reincarnation of one of the character’s father.  Naturally, this character – played by Masterson – falls in non-platonic love with him.
  • Heart and Souls (1993): Starring Charles Grodin, Alfre Woodard, Kyra Sedgwick and Tom Sizemore the movie involves four people who die and later become the ghost/guardians of a child born at the moment of their deaths.
    Patton 1
  • Yesterday’s Children (2000): This movie starring Jane Seymour is an adaptation of a book by Jenny Cockell entitled “Across Time and Death: A Mother’s Search for Her Past Life Children.”  This movie shows how emotional issues can transcend time if not properly acknowledged and eventually resolved.
  • Cloud Atlas (2012): This movie starring Tom Hanks and Halle Berry is a lesson about deep love and kindred souls.

Yes, Hollywood will continue to try to handle the topic of past lives soul regression and re-incarnation as interest in the subject grows.  As with any phenomenon that reaches popular culture some of these treatments will be very well done and respectful towards their topic while others….

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Soul Mates and Past Life Regression

“Soul mates,” “Twin Souls,” “Perfect Partners” – Have you ever met someone with whom you felt an immediate and inexplicable connection?  More than that, have you ever met someone you felt you’d met before yet all of your personal experiences told you that this it was not possible?  Sometimes past soul regression therapy reveals the existence of this phenomenon.  Far from being just a cheesy pickup line, the idea of soul mates is well documented by most regression therapists and can be found in the teachings of well-known psychic Edgar Cayce.  Hkarmic soul matese believed that people who are currently in our lives may have been with us in other lives.  Moreover, Cayce believed that sometimes the relationships we shared with those individuals can be dissimilar to the relationships we share with them now.

The concept of soul mates is right in keeping with the ideas of re-incarnation.  Reincarnation, explains the idea of soul mates as bonded souls who are drawn to re-unite as couples again and again.  Moreover, people who believe in reincarnation think that all of these bonds ultimately serve in the development of each of our souls.  Soul mates allow for a wide range of possibilities when two people encounter each other again in this life.  However, this closeness bond isn’t always restricted to romantic relationships.  Sometimes the relationships individuals shared in past lives are positive but this is not always the case.  There are case studies showing that some of the relationships that were forged in another life were abusive or negative.  In either case, it is best to seek clarity and guidance when one encounters these strong feelings of déjà vu.

There are three types of soul mate:  Twin Flames, Companion Soul Mates and Karmic Souls.  Twin Flames are mirrors of who we are.  According to Greek Mythology humans were originally comprised of two heads, four arms, etc.  Eventually, this union was broken and formed two individuals.  Companion Soul Mates are soul mates who, at some point, have made an agreement with us to help us learn lessons in this lifetime.  Again, this relationship need not display itself as romantic in nature.  Finally, Karmic Souls – as the name implies – are souls that come back together after several life times to work through specific issues.

At Harmony Soul Regression we often help clients gain greater clarity about their current relationships by helping them to understand their connection with souls from previous lives.  We can provide you with a regression therapist in Denver who can help add context to current relationships and help you to resolve feelings that may be confusing or even disquieting.

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How Some World Religions View Reincarnation

In order to reap the maximum benefits of age regression, past life soul regression, between lives soul regression and spiritual coaching, one does not have to adhere to any particular set of religious beliefs.  In fact, one does not even have to believe in reincarnation which is the very cornerstone of these therapies.  However, anyone who visits us and experiences past life healing in Denver should consider how ancient and venerated the principle of reincarnation is.  They should realize that many of the major religions of the world believe in this as one of their guiding principles.  Here are a few of the world religions and their view towards this phenomenon that offers hope for those who believe that life ends when the body ceases to function.

Christianity: The tenets of this major religion holds fast to the idea of one life and that when you die there is no return in another form.  For orthodox Christians there is butHinduism one Day of Judgment, and only a heavenly resurrection of the body for the righteous.  There is no resurrection of to a corporal form in the conventional sense.  However, it should be noted that many Christians still believe in the concept of reincarnation.

Hinduism:  Adherents to this religion believe that that the Jiva is intrinsically pure and that layers of I-ness and My-ness goes through transmigrations in the circle of birth and death.  Death is the end of the physical body but not its essence – the Jiva.

Buddhism:  Although some experts in comparative religious debate this, BuddhismBuddhist believe that after death a person is either reborn into another body or enters nirvana (the state of bliss followed by the liberation from the cycle of life and death).  The Buddha once said, “Life is a journey.  Death is a return to earth.”

Jainism:  The practioners of this lesser known form of Buddhism which founded was by Vardhamana Jnatiputra or Nataputta Mahavira (599-527 BC), are strong believers in reincarnation.  They also believe that the Jiva survives after physical death and that life is cyclic.

Sikhism:  The Sikhs believe that a person’s soul is reborn many times as either a human or an animal.  According to their sacred text, the body is just clothing for the soul and is discarded at death.

At Harmony Soul you can consult with a past life regression therapist in Denver who can help you understand the connection between present manifestations of past lives regardless of which religious beliefs you hold.  The most important thing to remember is that we are here to help you find answers that all of us seek.  We offer past life soul regression, between lives soul regression and spiritual coaching that can help you find your connection to the past.

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