You Can Heal Your Past Life; If You Believe You Had One.

The idea of past life healing probably doesn’t make much sense to someone who doesn’t believe in reincarnation in the first place. Reincarnation isn’t a new concept; this ancient belief can be traced back thousands of years. It is deeply rooted in the history of Eastern traditions and more recently is becoming embraced in Western culture as well. By the time you finish reading this blog I hope that even if you’re a non-believer you will at least be open to the prospect that reincarnation could actually be possible.

First, let’s talk about what reincarnation is exactly: Reincarnation is both a religious and philosophical concept.  The basic idea of reincarnation is that one’s soul (or spirit) is an independent entity; when the physical body dies, the soul survives and is reborn in a new physical form.

While the basic conce"Harmony Healing Center"pt remains the same across all schools of thought, there is some variation on specifics. In Hinduism, for example, the concept of Karma—the idea that the conditions into which one is reborn are determined by one’s conduct in previous lives—is an essential aspect of reincarnation. The Inuit and many other Native American tribes, on the other hand, don’t necessarily expect every soul to be reborn, but rather those who have suffered premature deaths.

Although the belief in reincarnation is less prevalent in Western cultures and religions than it is in Eastern ones, it is certainly not a non-existent belief; and the last few decades have seen a spike in Western believers. There are even groups within Judaism and Christianity that find support for reincarnation within their Holy texts. And then there are those of us who look at reincarnation in a more philosophical way.

Whichever specifics you believe in, it is hard to deny the existence of reincarnation all together in today’s world. Between the ancient writings and the modern case studies—such as the many documented cases of children vividly recalling past life experiences—there is evidence of reincarnation around every corner. It’s no wonder some researchers speculate that we are now living in a time where there are more people alive who believe in reincarnation than those who do not. But for those holdouts out there, I would advise looking around you for signs as well as inside themselves for answers.

Most believe that a soul does not start over fresh in the next life. There are lessons to be learned so when one’s physical body dies their soul carries with it the unfulfilled promises, unexpressed emotions, beliefs, attitudes, ailments, unresolved issues, phobias and/or attachments from previous lives into the next life—this is where Past Life Regression Therapy can be most helpful.

With over 40 years in the healing arts including more than 10 years in Regression Therapy, Kristine Morton of the Harmony Healing Center is one of the the most experienced Regression Therapist Denver has to offer. Give her a call at 303-960-6483 or email her at to get started on your healing process today.

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The Journey of a Past Life Regression Therapist

o-BRIAN-WEISS-AFTERLIFE-facebookBelieve it or not, not all Past Life Regression Therapists started off as believers. The concept of past life healing can be a hard pill to swallow for some. But when the proof of its existence is suddenly thrust upon you, it’s hard to deny the healing powers of this impressive therapeutic practice; this was exactly the case for psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Weiss.
When Dr. Brian Weiss first began his career as a psychiatrist his practice was very traditional. He didn’t even believe in past lives or reincarnation, let alone practice Regression Therapy. In 1980, much to Dr. Weiss’ surprise, one of his patients gave him the proof he needed to shake everything that he was so sure he believed in to its absolute core. One day Dr. Weiss had a patient –one who suffered from debilitating phobias— under hypnosis during a session when suddenly she began recalling her past life traumas. Although skeptical at first, once his patient’s symptoms started disappearing it wasn’t long before Weiss was convinced that past life regression is actually among the most powerful therapeutic techniques out there.
After his first great success (accidentally) practicing Regression Therapy, Dr. Weiss went on to become a full-fledged believer. His accidental journey into the world of regression therapy allowed him to embark on a much more meaningful phase of his career. Since 1980, he has used Past Life Regression Therapy to heal thousands of patients and he has written multiple books on the subject. Dr. Weiss has become one of the world’s leading authorities on this incredible practice.
If you’re feeling lost or stuck, but you’re on the fence about whether or not you believe in past lives and/or regression therapy, you might want to take a deeper look into the work of Dr. Brian Weiss. Reading about his journey from skeptic to believer may be just what you need to become convinced. This is a man who firmly believed that past lives and reincarnation weren’t real, but he had to admit his mistake when he was confronted with the very real existence of these concepts.
Dr. Weiss’ story is just one among many. People come to the truth in many different ways, and when they do, they are always better for it. Our souls have been through so much more than we know and healing a past life trauma is the best way to find peace in your present life. When you are ready to feel more calm and connected than you have in years, give Harmony Healing Center a call to set up your free consultation.

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Meditation’s effect on Regression Therapy

Meditation’s effect on Regression Therapy?

I was recently asked, “How would you describe meditation?”

To me, meditation is about opening the gates to the intuition, higher thoughts and wisdom that we all have within. Our lives have developed to where w e have created blockages that separate us from those realms of higher thought and keep us submerged in this third dimensional reality where the the left brain (ego) is our domineering feature. Meditation can open those gates and move into those transcended states of mind where the right brain enables us to access our higher frequency thoughts, our intuition and our move evolved state of consciousness. Spending as little as 15 minutes a day in these higher levels of consciousness that we don’t normally have access to in our everyday state of consciousness, allows this wisdom and greater awareness to seep in and enables us to carry those higher vibrations throughout our day


I find that meditation helps my days to flow more effortlessly allowing me to find a good rhythm. I have less mind chatter and less inner critic dialog going on. I find I have access to inspired thought; thoughts that seem to come from a more expanded version of myself.

After years and years of practicing meditation I can do this fairly easily now. However, at first it was very difficult. The meditation practice used to be so frustrating because I went into thinking that the purpose of the meditation was to quiet the mind. I used to think that there was something wrong with me because my mind would NOT be quiet. And the more I tried to quiet the mind, the more it led me on a wild goose chase. I finally learned to go at it from a different angle. I realized that if I went into the meditation with the intention of simply training my mind to FOCUS it worked much better for me.

It turned out that by giving my mind a simple task to do…, over and over and over again, eventually a quiet mind became the byproduct of my meditation. It happened when I quit trying so hard. At first it was just for a moment and the next time it was a few seconds, then a minute or so……Finally, it feels like second nature, like coming home!

Over the years I have found that people who regularly practice meditation are more successful in their Past Life or Between lives Regression therapy session so I always ask those who don’t meditate to begin.

A simple meditation that I start people out with is counting the breaths. Sit in a comfortable chair with your eyes closed or you can do this lying down (if you can stay awake). Make sure your spine is erect (if sitting) and relaxed. (Use whatever props you need to support your body so you can relax) Count 4 breaths and then start over and count 3 breaths, start over and count 2 breaths, then one. Then start all over again with 4. Repeat this for 15-20 minutes a day.

But here is where it gets tricky. We expect the mind to be able to do this task easily. But the mind is like an unruly child, it does not know how to do this, and it does not want to do this. So what you find is after a half a round or maybe a whole round the mind jumps off and there is goes…..thinking about something it forgot to do yesterday or worrying about something it has to do tomorrow; it’s all over the place…and you might be out there for 5 minutes before you realize that you are not counting. This is where we get really frustrated and say things like…”I can’t do this” or “I am not any good at this” and we give up. But what I want you to know is that it DOES NOT MATTER how well you think the meditation is going…you will still benefit from the meditation. You will begin to see differences in your DAYS if you just keep doing it. If we can just lighten up on ourselves and try to find the humor in the fact that the mind cannot stay on task for very long, at least in the early stages, and make a commitment to doing it anyway…you WILL benefit from it.

Buddha taught “the middle way” which is a balance between seeking and surrender. In this context the seeking is the commitment to do the meditation and the surrender is letting go of the idea that it can’t be doing us any good if it a mess. So what if it’s a mess! Just let it be what it is and do it anyway and it will change your life.

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Sooth Your Soul with Past Life Regression Therapy

If you’re here, reading this blog, it’s possible that you currently find yourself at a crossroads in life. You might feel stuck or unhappy or unsure of your next move. Maybe you’ve tried traditional therapy or medication and nothing seems to help. Well, don’t give up yet. You may feel a bit unsure, but whatever instinct led you to this site was a good one; Regression Therapy is one of the most powerful tools I have found that allows us the opportunity to go directly to the root cause of our issues.

If you’re ready to feel more secure and at peace in your everyday life, Harmony Healing Center can help you get there. There are two main types of Regression Therapy: Past Life Soul Regression and Between Lives Soul Regression. I should note that the former is generally a pre-requisite to the later, but each method has its particular advantages and each method is useful to anyone searching for peace and acceptance. I offer a free 30 minute consultation so we can decide together which method/s will best guide you down the path to healing.

Today I want to talk to you about Past Life Soul Regression Therapy in particular. If you find yourself struggling with grief, relationship issues, destructive patterns or even physical ailments, it’s quite possible that Past Life Soul Regression Therapy is the answer you’ve been searching for.

How does Past Life Soul Regression Therapy work? First, understand that there is nothing to be afraid of; I am a Certified Regression Therapist and I will create an environment of safety and comfort that is healing to all the senses. Once the scene is set, the deep healing can begin. With every new life, we are born into this world with what we believe to be a clean slate. But our soul, which has lived many times before, can carry with it promises, unexpressed emotions, beliefs, attitudes, ailments and/or unresolved issues. These past life burdens that linger in our souls can affect our present lives in ways that we may not fully understand. That’s where I come in. I will use hypnosis to alter your state of consciousness and together we will access your subconscious and find your spirit guide.

I have helped people from all walks of life find peace of mind in many different ways. I have helped a mother better connect to her daughter. I’ve helped a woman move past the negative relationship patterns she couldn’t seem to escape on her own. I have helped a man with an almost paralyzing fear of death understand that death is merely an illusion. When this man, the one with the fear of death, came to me he was consumed with his fear of death—so much so that he was barely living his day-to-day life. After a very intense Past Life Soul Regression Therapy session we found the root cause and addressed it. He now lives a peaceful and harmonious life free from that all-consuming fear he had struggled with for so long.

It is beautiful success stories such as these that leave me feeling blessed to be doing what I am doing. Years ago I realized that this was my life calling—to help others in this deeply spiritual way—and I have not looked back since. So if you are looking for Regression Therapist in Denver, please give Harmony Healing Center a call. I would love nothing more than to be a part of your life journey on your path to happiness and harmony.Peace-of-mind

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Unlocking Memories

A lot of people have trouble understanding and/or believing the concept of past lives. It is an understandable way of thinking as most of us came into this reality under the “veil of forgetfulness” and each reality offers up different obstacles that can make us cynical or closed-off. But I believe it is important for individuals to at least be open to the idea, and in some cases "regression therapy" is necessary for a person to grow and gain perspective. This is why I have dedicated my life to past life healing.

Some of you might need a little nudge to believe. There is proof all around you if you know where to look for it. Before we become jaded by each reality we are young, fresh, innocent little souls reborn to start the life cycle all over again. There are many documented cases of children—who are by nature more open to believing and free from cynicism—who vividly remember their past lives. If you take just a moment to search around for these cases you’ll find fascinating and convincing articles that will at the very least leave you questioning your disbelief.

Some cases are more thoroughly documented than others, but all cases of children remembering past lives are equally powerful. Allow me to share with you some of the most interesting cases I have come across lately:

First of all, you can watch a video detailing one of the most captivating cases ever documented under the Past Life Soul Regression section of my website. You’ll hear the story of a young boy named James Leininger. Starting when he was just a toddler, James was extremely interested in and intimately familiar with WWII fighter planes; he also began waking up screaming about a plane crash and yelling that the little man couldn’t get out. It turns out that “little man” was him in his past life. As you’ll see in the video, after extensive research and visits with friends and family members from his past life it was all but confirmed that little James was indeed the reincarnation of WWII fighter pilot, James Huston.

An equally remarkable case revolves around a 4-year-old boy named Ryan who was passionately directing imaginary movies almost constantly. He began having nightmares and screaming about his heart exploding and when he started telling his mother that he thought he had been someone else before, she started doing research into past lives. He began telling her about his Hollywood mansion and his three sons whose names he could not remember—he became very distraught that he could not remember his son’s names. Much like in the case of young James, Ryan’s mother began researching furiously and in the end was able to track down important pieces from Ryan’s past life as Martin Martyn.

Beyond the well-documented cases like those I have shared above, there are also briefer stories that have been shared by the parents of children who have spoken of past lives. One mother reported that her three-year-old son had told her, “My old daddy was really mean. He stabbed me in the back and I died. But I really like my new daddy, he’d never do that to me.” Another mother reports her son having told her over and over again between the ages of two and six all about how he had picked her to be his mother. He would tell her that he wanted to pick a mother that would help him accomplish his soul’s mission.

I’ve shared with you just a tiny sampling of the many compelling stories out there about children remembering their past lives. When you really start researching the evidence it gets harder to cling to your disbelief.  When you are ready to gain a larger perspective of yourself as you work toward enlightenment, please give me a call here at Harmony Healing Center. I would love nothing more than to be even just a small part of your life journey.

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The Seekers Journey

I am honored and blessed that so many have entrusted me to join them on a small segment of their soulfully intimate journeys toward Self-discovery. Many journeyers are weighted down with their own versions of emotional baggage in varying degrees and shades of anxiety, depression, guilt and phobias. Others carry disturbing feelings that something is missing, that they just don’t belong here, or that they lack a sense of purpose. Most are unable to identify why they carry their disruptive emotional loads or how and where they picked them up, let alone what they must do to lighten those loads. All are seekers, and intuitively, they know that the answers to why and how and where, and more importantly, what they must do are all there, deep within themselves. They’ve simply forgotten how to connect with their inner subconscious; home to their Spirituality, and the answers they seek.

Regression Therapy Hypnosis lightens the load.

Using Hypnosis, I assist seekers to reach a very deep state of natural relaxation and a heightened sense of focused attention and awareness. From there and with the guidance of Current, Past Life or Between Lives Regression Therapy I simply point the way toward re-connection with their subconscious; their forgotten memories; their inner resources, and their Divine Guidance. During Current or Past Life Regression Hypnosis this re-connection enables people to reach back to the root causes of, and there-in, the answers to, the why, the how and the where of their current discomforts. These answers often result in clarifying truths that serve to free journeyers to remember their light and their strengths. By re-connecting with the deeper sense of Self that is available in that sacred space between lives a Between Lives Regression Hypnosis session offers empowering insights regarding those bigger question, Who am I?, Where did I come from? What did I come here to do? Who are my guides and teachers? Who are my soul mates? Accessing our unconscious memories allows us to gain a better understanding of the relationships between our past and our present, in their proper context. Hypnotic Regression Therapy can be a great tool for lightening the load on the Seeker’s Journey, empowering giant leaps forward toward realizing the true Self.

And so, the Journey Continues.

It is so heartening to receive the many wonderful messages from Regression Therapy Hypnosis clients as they assimilate and integrate the information they received from their Current, Past Life or Between Life Regression Therapy sessions. I love hearing the stories of increased Self-awareness and acceptance, improved relationships, and the many courageous life changing events that have resulted from the simple re-connection with their inner wisdom that current, Past Life or Between Lives Regression Hypnosis Therapy enables them to access.

Here’s a few messages from recent Hypnotic Regression Therapy Journeyers that I’d like to share:

“It’s been difficult to fully articulate how profound the experience was for me, both in the moment and in the weeks and months that followed.

I have noticed that in the past when I would have an idea about something, or an urge to do something, another urge or voice would pop up and try and talk me out of it, like something inside me would stop me or sabotage me or try to convince me I only imagined that. Or if I would get a warning about something, the voice in my head or even people around me would say things like, “you’re too sensitive, you’re imagining things”

“Since the past life regression experience, I have had much more understanding and compassion for myself and trust in myself and that has led to more confidence. I go with the first urges now and I notice they are often really good ideas that lead to other ideas or lead me to people I’m supposed to meet.

My life seems to be unfolding in a sort of magical way. I have already recommended you to a friend. I can’t thank you enough, Kristine!”

“I’ve felt more comfortable with ambiguity and unknown in the area of life that I came to address. In general, I’ve felt a release specifically from ideas and beliefs that felt binding and limiting. I’ve felt more openness and acceptance toward my own growth, creativity, and place in this dimension. I’ve been more able to let go of things that puzzle me/hurt me/etc.”

Overall the PLSR was very helpful allowing me to focus on myself, working things out and making peace with myself. It has helped me realize things that I already knew, but didn’t want to acknowledge. It also helped me to find answers I was looking for, in terms of making sense out of certain situations and why things are the way they are.”

Read more of the great messages and stories of past Regression therapy clients
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Read testimonials from Spiritual Coaching clients

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Enjoy the Ride!

Most of us, if not all, have experienced feelings that there is something missing in our lives; that we should be doing more; or that we should be somewhere other than here. Those feelings of ambiguity, like rain, precipitate from heavy cloud formations. Our longing and discontentment are the stormy results of clouds that we have unconsciously formed and that cover an inner wisdom that we all share; a knowing that ultimately our destination is back to the Source from which we have chosen to temporarily become separated. Intuitively we know that it is only through that re-connection that we can live in complete wholeness. Unfortunately, we are too often taught to not trust our intuitions, so that inner knowledge remains suppressed in clouded unconsciousness and yet, it is always there. Those clouds of incognizance effect each of us differently, and for some may produce a torrent of disruptive disturbance and confusion.

This sense of not doing, or not being enough, or of not being in the right place can be very disturbing as it brings up emotions of insecurity and vulnerability. Many in our society are taught that the expression of emotion, especially of timidity or uncertainty, represents weakness and that any such characteristics must be hidden, lest they be exploited. And indeed, there are some who would prey upon those from whom they sense such signs of frailty, selfishly anticipating that in doing so, they might overcome their own disturbing feelings of insufficiency. In both roles; the one trying to suppress their emotions and the other, who preys upon them, their conduct is driven by an acute reaction to their disconnection from Source. Acute because, though this discomforting state of disconnected oblivion may be severe and result in destructive behavior, it is short of duration, at least in terms of the eternal.

The pain and suffering that we experience as a result of our separation are self-inflicted, temporary and limited to the physical reality. Still, we live in the here and now and our aversion to pain has led us to devise a variety of means and techniques to help us relieve our distress. There are various therapies being used to help us understand and treat the symptoms of our maladies, such as Psychotherapy and Regression Therapy; many find solace in their faith and religion; for some it is drugs or alcohol that helps them escape their mundanely narcissistic reality.

The good news for all is that in the eternal reality–the only true reality–there is no pain because there we understand that our evolutionary trek is leading us back to our place with Source. We are merely passengers in this physical vehicle called the human body; made of the Cosmos and held together by the Soul. Our fuel on this odyssey is the cosmic flow of energy. We’re riding a jet-stream of that energy and it will take us back, no matter how many stops we make along the way. Each stop is but a lifetime and each lifetime an appropriate adventure to gather the good, the bad and the indifferent experiences that will enable us to truly appreciate our created self and help to remain resolute in our quest to return to our larger Self, the Source, which is forever. While the Soul does seem to wander at times, the way is not at all uncertain. The truth is that the only route back is through the vastness of the physical reality that is the great web of existence that we have created. The course taken does indeed have several jaunts and detours that may seem to be going in the opposite direction at times, but our pilot and navigator–the Soul–knows that those meanderings provide us with experiences that reinforce the ultimate goal of our journey; the enlightening of awareness to our purpose and the realization that our core essence is that of the Source. For now, all that is needed for easing the pain of separation is to remember that Source provides the light toward which we ultimately steer and will finally return through the gateway of unlimited consciousness. So, kick back and enjoy the ride.

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The Enlightenment of the Shadow self

There are many layers of emotion that influence our responses to everyday life even though we are not particularly aware of them or of where they come from. Those emotions reside within an area of our psyche that Carl Jung referred to as “The Shadow” archetype. He described this Shadow as “the sum total of all those unpleasant qualities we like to hide”. We try to disown these unflattering characteristics by burying them and their associated emotions of shame and guilt deep within our unconscious. However, Jung also points out that “the unconscious is the creative source of all that evolves into the conscious”, so those hidden temperaments hang on, just below our level of awareness, and much to our dismay, will often emerge suddenly, to flood our minds with irrational and destructive thoughts and confused feelings, disrupting our carefully crafted “Persona”. That Shadow part of us is typically filled with negative emotions connected to experiences of shame and guilt from early childhood or remnants of past life trauma that we have suppressed as a part of our coping strategy. Our lack of awareness regarding the surfacing of these emotions usually results in damage control measures that consist of active denial or projection and blame onto others.

Our Shadow side consists primarily of those emotions that remain “un-expressed” because we were taught that they were socially inappropriate or unhealthy. Unfortunately, even the “positive” emotions of a boundlessly energetic child or the exuberance of taking pride in one’s accomplishments can sometimes be discouraged and condemned as boastful, and thereby suppressed right along with the more “negative” emotions of sadness, grief, fear and anger. As we grow and mature this suppression of “positive” emotions can prevent us from recognizing or appreciating strengths and qualities that we could otherwise be using to enhance our lives.

According to Jung, the goal of human evolution is to “make the unconscious conscious”’ so the motivation for looking into the shadows of our psyche is to heal ourselves spiritually, mentally and physically. By entering into the dynamics of the inner unconscious, Spiritual Coaching and Current Life or Past Life Regression Therapy can shine a light on the Shadow, exposing the context for the hidden emotions that have sculpted our sense of being and self-expression, to enlighten the path that leads to more fulfilling awareness and Presence. I am honored and humbled to assist others with this sacred work.

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Happy 2014!

Happy 2014! I hope that you all had a wonderful Holiday season and that your upcoming year is filled with joy, growth and prosperity.

For many the holidays are a joyful season filled with the spirit of giving and receiving, of love and family time and a heightened spiritual connection. However, working with clients over the holiday season, I am acutely aware that for some, the holidays are the worst of seasons as they trigger painful reminders of traumatic emotions related to past dysfunctional relationships and experiences that send them into varying states of anxiety and depression.

Depression symptoms, seasonally related or otherwise, range from subtle mood swings to feelings of overwhelming mental anguish and helplessness. There are many well-known depression triggers including trauma, grief, financial troubles, and unemployment to name just a few. But, what about those who are chronically subjected to varying depths of recurring anxiety, distress and depression, and yet, none of these triggers seem to apply?

Of the many treatments available for easing depression’s symptoms the most commonly accepted come from the Psychiatric and Pharmaceutical industries. These Psych/Pharm methods can be very time consuming and expensive with recurring costs for subsequent treatment sessions and/or prescription drugs with long lists of side effects. Additionally, Psych/Pharm treatments are often just a temporary fix, treating only the symptoms, and leaving core issue triggers hidden deep within the unconscious. If core issues are not resolved they will generally find their way back to the surface, again and again, to create havoc with mental health and happiness.

Disarming depression’s triggers should be among the highest priorities of any treatment method with a true intention of successfully healing the deep and tender hurts that caused a client’s initial distress. Working with an experienced, professional Regression Therapist can be one of the most affordable and least time consuming alternatives for treating a variety of depression symptoms. Using hypnosis, Regression Therapy can connect us with unconscious memories, from this life (or others) that may be negatively affecting our lives. The expanded consciousness that can be achieved in Regression Therapy sessions provides the opportunity to see our lives from a broader perspective and gives us an opportunity to re-contextualize our current life situation and thereby, disarm depression’s trigger, once and for all.

It is with great honor and humility that I facilitate this sacred work.
Love, Kristine

I recently added a radio interview to the website. It is about 35 minutes and covers a lot of great questions. You can listen by going to and clicking on the WLIP Radio interview tab.

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The Inside Information on Regression Therapy

Throughout history there have always been those who were out on the leading edge of thought, Jesus, Buddha, Teresa of Avila, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, just to name a few. These enlightened beings were pointing the way to what we are all striving for. Thanks to their influence and despite what often appears to be the contrary, consciousness is now expanding faster than ever. These insightful forerunners found what they were looking for, right there, inside of themselves and fortunately their contracts included sharing their knowing with anyone who would listen. We now have techniques and modalities that can assist with this experience of inner knowing and provide us with a broader perspective of ourselves…and the world around us. Regression Therapy is one of those modalities. I am honored to have helped so many experience Past Life Soul Regression and, or Between Lives Soul Regression. Below are a few of their comments…

“All I can say is WOW, what an epiphany this has been in my life. The regression explained a lot of why I am who I am. I was able to experience a previous moment of death and realize that there was no pain or fear, only beauty and light and a very ethereal feeling of lightness and connection to God. I learned many lessons from my past life regression, such as understanding who I am now, what my fears are and how to overcome those fears through compassion towards myself and others. Great session!” – GR, Ft. Collins, CO

“…I loved the space my mind was in for those few days after the session. The love was just pouring out of me…” – CS, Loveland, CO

“I am doing great since my past life regression. I have decided to start pursuing my music with more fervor. I am realizing that the most important thing is to be true to myself. I loved how relaxed the session was and how I didn’t feel pressured to feel or “see” anything in particular. Kristine was so great at giving me gentle guidance throughout the regression. I especially loved the notes she took through the session- they were so detailed and on-point. I hope Kristine continues to help people in the huge way that she is because she is making such a wonderful difference. I have already given her name and number to several friends and family. Thanks again Kristine, for the amazing experience!” – SG, Denver, CO

“I am more positive about life in general since the session. I have more confidence in the decisions I make now and am feeling more in control. I am working on being more open to others. Kristine was concerned and focused on getting me what I needed out of the session and yet she did not lead me or rush me through it.” – LR, Laramie, WY

“I view life from a different perspective now and find myself not judging people as I did before. The session all worked great for me and Kristine guided me well when my left brain got in the way” – SC, Loveland, CO

“I had a pretty powerful trip, My Past Life Regression addressed a lot of questions I had. I can now move forward, more rejuvenated and ready to take some risks again. Met with an old friend who I’d had a falling out with. We discussed many things and finally got back to where it used to be, but with new heads and ideas. Turns out she is working on her stuff too.” – CG, Los Angeles, CA

“I feel more calm, less temperamental and even more curious to learn more about myself and how to improve/grow as an individual I’m much more patient with my husband and toddler as well which was one of my main goals for the session. My Between Lives Regression has opened my mind more. I am more open to new perspectives and less judgmental of others.” – TS, Centennial, CO

“I got a glimpse at some of the root causes of how I became who I am. Somehow, I feel like I am less apprehensive in general and more in control now. I would definitely recommend experiencing a Past Life Regression to others. In fact, I’m looking forward to having Kristine guide me into a Between Lives Regression to explore more of why I’m here now.” – DG, Denver, CO

“I have started attracting healthier behavior from other people. I’ve been generally more at ease. I have also started to allow myself to think about ME more.” – KB, Aurora, CO

“There has been lots of positive shifts in my life since the session. My girlfriend and I have become more serious, which is great!” – DK, Broomfield, CO

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