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Are you living up to your full potential?

Published on December 17, 2022 By admin

As I navigate through the holidays this year, reflecting on the past year and looking around at everything that is going on, I am more determined than ever to use my work as a Past Life and Between Lives Regression Therapist to assist others to step into their full potential. We all have so much […]

Your Destiny Awaits!

Published on July 9, 2018 By admin

Your Destiny Awaits! I often get asked, ‘Are our lives predestined, or is it all free will? I have found, through my own personal experiences and the hundreds of regressions I have facilitated for others, that it is a combination of both. Just as when you are building a house, you need a foundation to […]

The One you are searching for is closer than you think!

Published on April 1, 2018 By admin

The One you are searching for is closer than you think! When we energetically open to being on a spiritual path we begin to attract to ourselves the right books, the right conversations, the right events, the right role models, gurus or teachers to help mentor us along the way. This is an important part […]